Girl Scout Methods

  • Patrol SystemThe patrol system involves groups working together under the leadership of one their own peers.

    Learning by DoingThe individual does things for by herself and does not only listen to or observe passively how to do something.

    Active Cooperation
    between Youth & Adults
    Adult leaders help girls and young women to grow and the cooperation between the youth and adults has a practical function as well as helping to dispel the illusion of a generation gap.

    Democratic Troop
    Girls elect their own sixer in democratic way learn from each others and lead others. Everybody plays a role and has responsibility.

    Outdoor ActivityThrough outdoor activities, girls can strengthen spiritual awareness, raise self-confidence, encourage self-initiative and motivate team cooperation as well as aware the importance of environmental conservation.

  • Symbol

    Three leaves represent the three fold promise. Its color symbolizes future and hope and represents active involvement for the realization of ideal world, cheerfulness. and progressive spirit toward future.

    White color inside of the leaves represents purity and hope of Korean people as a modification of Korean 'Sam Tae-geuk' philosophy.

    The stem pointing upwards represents the pursuit of love and peace of all mankind and also points the way we go.

  • Family

    Age Groups

    Twinkler Scout : Age 4~5

    Gaenari(Brownie Girl Scout) : Age 6~8

    Jindalrae(Junior Girl Scout) : Age 8~11

    Sonyeodae(Cadette Girl Scout) : Age 12~14

    Yeonjangdae(Senior Girl Scout) : Age 15~17

    Yeongudae(Young Leader (Scout)) : Age 18~29

    Seongindae(Adult Troop) : Age 21~

    Extension Troop : The Disabled and Working Girls


    Anyone can be a leader if she/he is over age 21 and finishes designated training.
    Supporters are the people who help girl members' activities and give financial assistance.