• Self DevelopmentTo be aware of themselves better and to develop their fullest potentials.

    Human RelationshipTo develop sound relationship with others in more matured manners and effective leadership.

    Love-NatureTo promote physical and mental fitness and to understand the importance of environmental protection and the interdependence of all living things.

    Social Well-beingTo serve for the local community, country and the world as an important part of society and to try to have better awareness about the world issues and to solve their problems.

    Preparation for
    the Future
    To actively prepare for the future society by acquiring creative mind and useful skills.

  • Main Program Areas

    Character Development

    Leadership Development

    Development of Creativity


    Outdoor Activity

    Acquiring Useful Skills for Living

    Cultural Heritage and Intl Understanding

    Service Activity

    Main Activities

    Regular Troop Meeting

    Voluntary Patrol and Troop Activity

    Leadership Training for Girls

    Proficiency/Interest Badges and Patch Activity

    Camps and Events at District, Provincial and National Level

    International Exchange

    IT Promotion to prepare for the 21st Century